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In order to make your digital marketing a success you need to have a well-defined plan.

This includes:

How we can help you

We will work with you to develop a complete digital marketing plan for your business. There are many facets to planning and setting up effective marketing campaigns. You can decide to start small and then grow into larger advertising efforts if the results show it to be effective and worthwhile. We can work with you to help determine what are the best avenues in which to launch your digital advertising program.

If you already have some online advertising underway (e.g. Google AdWords) we will be glad to review it for you and fine tune it for more effective performance. We can a perform full audit on your existing online marketing campaigns and provide you with a detailed written report with our findings as well as numerous suggestions and recommendations for improvements and enhancements. Learn more about our services.

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Responsive web design consulting

Is your online marketing effective on all devices?

More Google searches are done on a daily basis on mobile devices than desktops. If your website was developed and designed even just a couple of years ago then it most likely is not optimized for the mobile-centric world we now live in.

In order to be most effective your sales message needs to display correctly
on whatever device your potential customer is viewing your website on.

Your website needs to be responsive i.e. to automatically adapt and respond to the type of device and screensize the person is viewing your website on and display the contect correctly for that device size.

How we can help you

We can help design your website to be responsive using HTML5 and frameworks such as Bootstrap. We will advise on how to best design and layout your pages for the various devices so that your marketing messages and calls to action are clearly defined. We will work with you to ensure that the desired conversion actions on your website e.g. submit a contact form, purchase a product are optimized for usability.

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An effective digital marketing strategy for your business

Drive more business with a unified digital marketing strategy

Your online marketing will be more effective and successful if you ensure that your various marketing efforts work as one to complement and enhance each other. For example, if you are going to run a large email promotion to a lot of new prospective clients then back that up with an effective AdWords campaign around your brand name so that if an email user reads the message and searches for your company on Google then your ad stands out prominently to further reinforce your business name and brand.

How we can help you

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